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For thousands of years the people of the Lake District have mined for Mintcake in the area around Bowness on Windermere. Tunnelling deep into the fells the Mintcake has been extracted and sold to tourists from all over the world. Mintcake has become the true taste of the Lake District but few people know where it comes from. The locations of Mintcake mines are kept very secret and the mining process is known only to an elite few. We can reveal that Mintcake mines are dangerous places, cramped and claustrophobic. Miners use smaller than usual pick axes to hack out “get lumps” of raw Mintcake from the seams that can run for many miles below the lake. White Mintcake is the most prized commodity for Mintcake miners as it is the hardest to reach; the seams are long and thin. Brown Mintcake comes from larger quarry like digs. Miners have to be very careful when working as the minty fumes that build up in pockets below ground can quickly overcome them. Once on the surface the get lumps are cleaned, cut and packaged.

Mintcake must not be confused with "Kendal Mint Cake", which is a delicious, refreshing, sugar and glucose based treat made locally and prized by walkers and climbers. Kendal Mint Cake even helped to conquer Mount Everest, but that is a different story altogether!

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